#tbt – Amby Burfoot’s First Manchester Road Race

November 27, 2014
Amby and his wife, Cristina Negron, at the 2013 race

Amby and his wife, Cristina Negron, at the 2013 race

Congratulations to Amby Burfoot, who is running the 4.748-mile Manchester (CT) Road Race for the 52nd consecutive year today. Last year, Amby broke the record set by the late Dr. Charlie Robbins, who ran for 50 straight years between 1952 and 2001.

The first year Amby ran, in 1963, he finished 14th (first high school runner) in 25:59 . The race report , published in the Feb. 1964 Long Distance Log, only included the top 10:


Amby won the race nine times between 1968 and 1977. He didn’t start consciously working on the streak until years later, when it became a matter of proving to himself that he would keep going back even when he wasn’t going to win.

Dennis McCormack is hitting his 50th straight Manchester this year, so Amby may have his work cut out for him if he wants to keep the record for long. Here’s hoping he succeeds.

Boston Marathon winners Geoff Smith (left, 1984-85) and Amby Burfoot (right 1968) in 2014 (betweent them, some unknown slow guy)

Boston Marathon winners Geoff Smith (left, 1984-85) and Amby Burfoot (right, 1968) earlier in 2014 (between them, some unknown slow guy)


#tbt from Emil Zatopek on Race Strategy (and Diet)

November 20, 2014

Front-running, or sit and kick? Emil Zatopek shared his view while discussing his chances in the 1956 Olympics:


Click to embiggen


He also shared some thoughts on diet:



(July 1956 Long Distance Log) 


Idle Feet on The Caity McCardell Show

November 14, 2014

caityToday’s stop on the Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work virtual book tour is with Caity McCardell on her eponymous podcast. That fact that we’re both currently dealing with running injuries lends a poignant subtext to our chat (perhaps).

Finisher’s Medals Are Nice, but…

November 14, 2014

Finisher’s medals are nice, but I like it when I go home with something more reminiscent of the actual race course:

Just Do It #tbt

November 13, 2014

Before Nike, there was Emil:

Emil Zatopek quote

-Emil Zatopek

Idle Feet on Athlete On Fire

November 11, 2014

logo-no-paddingThe next stop on the Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work world tour is with Scott Jones on the Athlete On Fire podcast. It’s one of Scott’s “Cooldown” segments, a relaxed, friendly, wide-ranging chat that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Get the updated R is for Running ebook free!

November 10, 2014

My blog posts are irregular enough to start with. Now it seems like lately all my posts are about my books, not new content for the blog. Sorry about that, but that’s the downside of indie publishing – there’s no one else to do all the grunt work, let alone the writing.

R is for RunningSpeaking of grunt work, I’ve updated all the ebook editions of R is for Running, replacing the “pencil sketches” with the original photos. I’f you already have a copy, you can update it if you wish – if your ebook vendor doesn’t automatically refresh your copy, just delete it and reorder – after all, the ebook editions are free!

Hopefully that makes up for some of the marketing stuff ;-)


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