“If You Map It” in Level Renner

May 5, 2014

May/June Level RennerDo you ever dream about a run through open countryside, under an infinite sky washed clean by wind and rain, with runners who take responsibility for themselves and each other, keeping expenses low and camaraderie high? If so, you should read my article, “If You Map It”, in the May/June Level Renner.

Level Renner is still free, if you were wondering.

“Shared Vision” in Level Renner

July 2, 2013

issue-15-cover-full-size-6.30.13The July/August issue of Level Renner includes an excerpt from “Shared Vision”, the story of my run as a guide for a blind runner at the 2103 Boston Marathon.

You can read the complete version of “Shared Vision” (and support the One Fund) by buying a copy of The 27th Mile.

We Were Awesome

April 28, 2013

The May/June edition of Level Renner is now available.  It begins with a section dedicated to those affected by the events at the 2013 Boston Marathon that includes my short tribute to the BAA finish line volunteers.

I also have a short story, titled “We Were Awesome”, later on in the issue.  The story isn’t relevant to what happened on Patriot’s Day, but the title is.

I want to express my appreciation to the runners, volunteers, spectators and first responders who made the 2013 Boston Marathon special, and who kept the tragedy from being any worse than it was.

While Ruth and I were out skiing…

March 3, 2013

MarApr2013While Ruth and I were out cross-training, other people were posting stuff:

  • Read, if you dare, my article that spills “The Real Truth” about running in the new March/April 2013 issue of Level Renner. It got the editor thinking about Aristotle and his Rhetorical Triangle, which shows he went to more literature classes than I did.  As always, Level Renner is free to read, free to subscribe.
  • Harold Shaw reviews Overthinking the Marathon in his blog, A Veteran Runnah.  Harold gets it.  He writes, ” I believe that knowing that the insecurities that I have about running my marathon are very normal, especially if someone who has finished over 20 of them still has them, reading Ray’s thoughts about this, will help me get through my own marathon training this summer.”
  • Kate Murphy encourages readers of her blog, the Chronicles of Kate, to “buy Ray’s book today and enjoy all while helping out a great cause!
  • Saturday, I submitted my application for the Great Cranberry Island Ultramarathon in July.  Entrants are selected in part from an essay submitted along with the application.  Some are posted on the GCI 50K Facebook page – see if you can guess which is mine!

But the big news happened yesterday at The Woodlands Marathon in Texas.  Mike M. ran 3:55, a 43 minute PR.  Guiding him at Boston just got a lot harder.

“T-Shirts” in Nov/Dec Level Renner

November 12, 2012

Find my article called “T-Shirts”, on the scourge that ate my closet, in the Nov/Dec issue of Level Renner.  As always, the magazine is free!

CCM Diary: Happy 500!

August 23, 2012

It’s still rest week, so I rode over to Casey’s with Ruth for tonight’s run.  The guys from Level Renner were there to celebrate reaching 500 “Likes” on Facebook, sign up new subscribers (subscriptions are free), and raffle off some free gear.  There was enough stuff that I came home with a sleeveless tech shirt, even though I didn’t enter the raffle.   I’ve had an article in almost every issue of the magazine, so I already had a t-shirt.

It was hot again, 85°, even though the sun was already behind Winter Hill when we started.  The encroachment of dusk on the run is a sign that fall, cooler weather, and Cape Cod are coming!  The high point of the run, both literally and figuratively, came when we ran through a gauntlet of cheering children outside the church at the top of Winter Hill. I cruised though in 31:36, essentially a marathon pace run.  That still made me the slowest Level Renner writer there.

(4.1 mi. run; 148#)

Another Year on The Level

August 22, 2012

The September Level Renner is out.  In it you’ll find my article, “Another Year on The Level”.  Wit, or half that?  You decide.

I wonder how many people will know the etymology of “Father Apollyon Abaddon”?

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$50 5K?!?!

June 28, 2012

The (Free!) July/August Level Renner is out, and you can find my article, $50 5K?!?!, inside, along with a host of other goodies.

Did I mention that it’s free?  Have you subscribed yet?

Renner Music – Video Edition

May 6, 2012

The “Renner Music” I wrote for the current Level Renner (it’s free!)  is dedicated to the long training run.  No high-energy beats, just uncompromising mid-tempo songs that suck you in as they grind it out.

Unfortunately, we can’t put the actual music in the magazine, but thanks to the magic of YouTube, I can post the songs here for your listening enjoyment.

1. The Rail Song – Adrian Belew
This song lopes along relentlessly, carrying you with it.  It’s especially apt for long runs on converted rail-trails.

2. Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads
The best long runs happen when you’re on the road to nowhere, running with no particular route in mind.  You may wonder where you are, but as long as you keep going, you don’t really care.  You’ll get somewhere soon enough.

3.  Feel the Pain – Dinosaur Jr.
Keep running until you feel the pain.  Then let it surround you, become a part of you, and fade to nothing as you stride implacably on.

Get your May/June Level Renner!

May 2, 2012

I’ve got two pieces in the May/June issue of Level Renner.   “It Isn’t Fair” is a meditation on attempts to go beyond letting the clock decide winners.  And I also supplied this issue’s edition of “Renner Music”, a regular feature with three songs and the reasoning, however specious, behind each choice.

There’s a lot of other good articles too, of course.  Give it a read.

You can download a PDF of the new issue for free, and don’t forget to subscribe too (also free)!


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