Vinyl #13 – NU Disk

In 1980, CBS Records released the “NU Disk” series of records on the Epic label. While they were similar to EPs in that both formats tried to hit a happy medium between a single and a full album, they weren’t just EPs. EPs were usually on 7″ vinyl, and played at 45RPM. NU Disks were on 10″ vinyl, and they played at 33 1/3 RPM! This was a different, special series of records!

Epic released NU Disks by their stars The Clash and Cheap Trick, but for the most part, NU Disks were by New Wavy synth-pop bands that are forgotten today. On Islands by New Musik comes from their Straight Lines disk.

3 Responses to Vinyl #13 – NU Disk

  1. […] by rebranding their EPs as “Nu-Disks.” Or did I imagine that? Sigh . . . googling . . . okay, they existed. Now it’s all single-serv, and while I mourn, in an abstract non-mourning sense, the end of the […]

  2. Hi, I check your blog on a regular basis.
    Your humoristic style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!

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