Hi, I’m Ray.  I live in Arlington, MA with my wife and our two cats. You can often find Ruth and me out on the streets running, but Felix and Phoebe stay inside.

I am the author of some books on running and the editor of an anthology that benefits the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. All books are available in paper or in reasonably-priced ebook editions.  Click on the links or the images to your right for more info.

My stories and articles have appeared in both national dead-tree publications and landfill-saving electronic formats.  A lot of the stories are about running, but there’s some other stuff too.

For even more info, visit my home page at www.y42k.com. If you want to get in touch, send email to writeray@y42k.com or leave a comment.

Interested in publishing your own books? I can help – click here for more info.

This is my computer support business.  Need help?  Just ask.  We can work something out.

Some days, “Y42K?” asks the question “Why run a marathon?” (For you non-runners, a marathon is 26.2 miles or 42 kilometers.) On better days, it asks “Why stop there?”

It’s also a play on Y2K (I was choosing a domain name back in 1999), and it’s sort of Shakespearian-sounding, so I though it was a good choice.  That lets you know the level of humor to look forward to when reading this blog.

Most of my blog posts have something to do with running, though every once in a while I have something to say about other topics.  Actually, my most popular post was about modifying the Kindle.  I’ll also keep you up to date about any other projects I’ve got going.

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You can sign up here to join my mailing list. It’s not very busy, I promise, mostly announcements when I have a new book out.

You can also “Like” my author Page on Facebook to get updates on my writing projects. If you follow me on my personal Facebook page you’ll get those updates, plus the blog posts and a host of opinions, links, and cat pictures.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Thanks for reading,


6 Responses to About

  1. Lou Faivre says:

    Ray – 42 Klics used to be 26.25 miles, but I get your message and like the double explanation. I met you last August, hope to see you this August, and will see you in September unless one of you changes their mind! posted 6/20/08

  2. ZeroToBoston says:

    Hey ray! Keep writing! (One of us has to!)

    – Dean

  3. ann says:

    “You can often find Ruth and me”

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