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April 2, 2015

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#tbt – Dusting Off the Runner’s Bookshelf

February 5, 2015

When I started running, back in the days before the Internet, most of what I learned about running that didn’t come from sweat came from books.

Three of the books I read early on have remained on my bookshelf ever since. These books taught me the essentials of what I needed to know about running, training, and racing, and they helped me understand some of the reasons why I run.

gallowayJeff Galloway’s Book on Running is still the book I recommend to anyone who wants to start running. The book is based on the training principles of Arthur Lydiard, which have held up remarkably well while other fads come and go. Galloway presents them in a friendly manner that anyone, no matter how fast or slow, can use. His book helped me set up a training routine that still forms the basis for what I do today. The most important thing I took from Galloway was the focus on the long run, in particular the longer-than-race-distance long run, even (especially) during marathon training, and the use of walking breaks as a useful tool to help those of us who are less gifted survive those extra-long runs (and eventually, ultramarathons).

sheehanGeorge Sheehan is the original philosopher-king of running. Running and Being was the first book of his I read, and it’s still my favorite. It contains what is probably Sheehan’s most famous quote, “Each of us is an experiment of one.” His books were the first to focus on the spiritual side of running, but in a completely grounded and practical way. Sheehan is an inclusive elitist. All he demands is that you do what everyone can – strive to do your best, because that’s how you, “discover the wholeness, the unity that everyone seeks.”

noakesTim Noakes’ massive tome Lore of Running attempts, in more than 800 pages (the edition I have – the current one weighs in at over 900), to cover every last detail that you might ever need to know about the science behind how your body reacts to running and training. It’s long and often dry, but there are liberal doses of history and commentary to help pass the time and make the book enjoyable. Anyone who’s obsessive about the details of their running (for example, someone who ended up writing a book called Overthinking the Marathon) will find a kindred spirit in Noakes, and his book to be a worthy read.

Each one of these books is authoritative in its own way, but still encourages the essential process of taking that information out on the road, trying different things, and figuring out what works for you, even when that sometimes means failing. Their age shows up in some of the details, but even the outdated brand-specific info is good as a history lesson, or at least a quick laugh.

Most books from pre-Amazon days of the first running boom (including the one mass-market success, Jim Fixx’s The Complete Book of Running), went out of print in a relatively short time, but these three are still available today, a testament to their lasting value.

Holiday Book Sale! (aka Inventory Clearance)

November 12, 2014

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November 10, 2014

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November 7, 2014

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Idle Feet on the Diz Runs With… podcast

November 6, 2014

The Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work virtual world tour starts off with a chat with Denny Krahe on the Diz Runs With… podcast.

It’s Here! – “Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work”

November 5, 2014


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October 20, 2014

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Pre-order my new book: “Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work”

October 10, 2014

As writer/editor/publisher/marketer/chief bottle-washer/union shop steward for my tiny little literary empire, I am pleased to announce my new book, Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work!

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Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work is an entertaining mix of facts, fiction, and opinions, all written with Ray’s unique blend of curmudgeonly candor and humor.

Ray takes a wide-ranging look at why so many people risk sore knees and smelly shoes in order to cross one more finish line, maybe, if they’re lucky, just a little faster than they ever have before.

Inside these pages, Ray covers a dizzying array of topics, including his experience guiding a blind runner at the Boston Marathon in 2013, the triumphant return to Hopkinton in 2014 after the bombing, the story of a runner who sells his ‘sole’ to the devil, marathon pacing tips and the one marathon training secret you won’t get anywhere else, what your race trophies are talking about when you’re not listening, and much more.

See why Runner’s World called Ray a “New England running fixture” and why Mrs. Marble (Ray’s kindergarten teacher) said Ray “enjoys explaining his ideas at great length.”

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Memories of speed gone by…

April 3, 2014

OtM-170w#TBT seems like a good time to remind everyone about Overthinking the Marathon, the story of how I qualified for this year’s Boston Marathon (among other things).

“Ray Charbonneau insists he hasn’t written a marathon guide, and he’s right. Instead, he’s loaning himself out as a thoughtful, veteran, and funny training partner. You couldn’t find a better one as you get ready for your next 26.2-miler.”
-Amby Burfoot, 1968 Boston Marathon champion and Runner’s World editor-at-large

Get yours! $12.99 paper/$3.99 ebook