“A Pair of Bulls” in the Mar/Apr Level Renner

March 1, 2015

issue-25-cover-mar-april-2015-trautmann-navas-2.28.15One of the cover stories in the latest issue of Level Renner is my “A Pair of Bulls”. The story itself is waaaay in the back of the magazine, but there’s plenty of good stuff to read before you get there.

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The Runner (with apologies to E. A. Poe)

February 2, 2015

The Runner

(with apologies to E. A. Poe)

aid8Once upon a hillside dreary, a man pondered, weak and weary

Fifty miles had left him teary, pain that he could not ignore

As the sweat dripped, nearly blinding, and the blisters kept on grinding

He made a choice that was binding, finding that he’d run no more.

“This’s the last one,” said the runner, grateful that he’d run no more

“Damn, my knees are really sore.”


After running fifty miles, even death would give him smiles

If it meant that running’s trials – pain and boredom – were done for

Over the thunderous beating of his heart he stood, repeating

“I no longer am competing. It stops here,” he truly swore

“I am really done competing,” once again he truly swore

“Running stops forever more.”


For all his life he kept that oath, to run one more step he was loath

His stomach showed a rapid growth, a tighter belt that he deplored

On the couch he faced each morrow, in larger clothes he had to borrow

Hiding in the fear of sorrow—sorrow from pain he abhored

When asked if he would run again, mindful of what he abhored

Quoth the runner; “Nevermore.”


Don’t worry – no one’s quitting. 😉 Ruth and I are just going through an annoying patch of injuries, which will pass, sooner or later.

This piece was originally intended to go with the photoshopped finish line picture I recently published at Queen Mobs Place. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

“Death at the Finish Line” at Queen Mob’s Teahouse

January 30, 2015

Queen Mob’s Teahouse has published a finish-line photo of me and a frequent running partner.


“The Tale of the Three Little Runners” in Level Renner

January 5, 2015

jan2015Gather around the glowing monitor for “The Tale of the Three Little Runners”, my story in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Level Renner. And train hard, because you’ll never know when the wolf will be at your next race.

Level Renner is, once again, free!


Idle Feet on The Caity McCardell Show

November 14, 2014

caityToday’s stop on the Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work virtual book tour is with Caity McCardell on her eponymous podcast. That fact that we’re both currently dealing with running injuries lends a poignant subtext to our chat (perhaps).

“A Fistful of Ways” in the Nov/Dec Level Renner

November 3, 2014

Nov/Dec Level RennerWhen even a 5K can cost $50 or more to enter, we all have to find ways to cut back on our running-related expenses. In “A Fistful of Ways” in the Nov/Dec issue of Level Renner I give you five. (Hint: you can accomplish one by clicking here).

Win a Copy of “Idle Feet” at Level Renner

October 20, 2014

lvl-idleVisit the Level Renner blog to learn how you can enter to win a free copy of Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work! (Hint: it involves subscribing, Facebook likes, and Twitter, all of which are #Free, and a Halloween deadline).

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Pre-order my new book: “Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work”

October 10, 2014

As writer/editor/publisher/marketer/chief bottle-washer/union shop steward for my tiny little literary empire, I am pleased to announce my new book, Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work!

It’s due to be released November 5th, but if you order before November, you’ll get a Special Pre-release Price!

Idle Feet Do the Devil's Work

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My marketing people (see above) have this to say about the book:

Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work is an entertaining mix of facts, fiction, and opinions, all written with Ray’s unique blend of curmudgeonly candor and humor.

Ray takes a wide-ranging look at why so many people risk sore knees and smelly shoes in order to cross one more finish line, maybe, if they’re lucky, just a little faster than they ever have before.

Inside these pages, Ray covers a dizzying array of topics, including his experience guiding a blind runner at the Boston Marathon in 2013, the triumphant return to Hopkinton in 2014 after the bombing, the story of a runner who sells his ‘sole’ to the devil, marathon pacing tips and the one marathon training secret you won’t get anywhere else, what your race trophies are talking about when you’re not listening, and much more.

See why Runner’s World called Ray a “New England running fixture” and why Mrs. Marble (Ray’s kindergarten teacher) said Ray “enjoys explaining his ideas at great length.”

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Read “Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work” at Fiction on the Web

October 5, 2014

cover2 (Small)Read my new short story, “Idle Feet Do the Devil’s Work” at Fiction on the Web. (It’s the title cut from my forthcoming new book.)

Is it a tongue-in-cheek retelling of the Faustian tale where a man sells his ‘sole’ to the devil?
Or an illustration that winning at all costs comes at a high price?
That some escape?
That some don’t?
That some get hurt?
That ignoring all else, the devil is in taking the short cut, the empty promise, the hollow victory?

Or is it all about the shoes?

(Some readers might recognize the specific USATF-NE Grand Prix series that I used as a base for the story. Who knows? Maybe you were there.)

“Pushing the Curve” in Sept/Oct Level Renner

September 3, 2014

In the new issue of Level Renner magazine, I present some ideas about marathon pacing, and some data that …well… doesn’t contradict my theory.

Read “Pushing the Curve” and decide for yourself if you want to give my strategy a try in your next marathon.