Charity Runners – Go The 27th Mile

January 13, 2014

27th-benefitAre you running the 2014 Boston Marathon to raise money for charity? The 27th Mile would like to work with you to help raise money for your charity, The One Fund, and the victims from last year’s bombing at the Marathon.

We would like to provide you with discounted copies of The 27th Mile for you to sell as part of your own fundraising efforts or give away as prizes to your donors. If you’re interested, please send an email message to

The 27th Mile is an anthology full of articles, stories, and poems about running and runners. All proceeds from sales of The 27th Mile go to The One Fund Boston to support the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. One of the contributors, 1968 Boston Marathon champion and Runner’s World editor Amby Burfoot, says The 27th Mile, “is not just another running book. It’s varied enough to be interesting, with articles, fiction, and poetry, but it’s focused enough to have a moral, emotional core that will resonate with runners and those who love them.”

More info about The 27th Mile:

Link Farm: April 11 – Hot Wind Out of Hopkinton edition

April 11, 2012

While we’re hoping the warmer forcasts for Monday are just hot air, here are a few links:

Let’s call this one “Greedy idiots sue Vibram“.  If this case wins, a lot of shoe companies owe me a lot of money.

The New York Road Runners will re-evaluate their plan to use an age-graded calculator set qualifying times for the 2013 New Your Marathon.  It’s not “fair” to women.  Stay tuned, both for the NYRR changes and my May article on “fairness” in marathons…

The Boston Globe reports that some charity runners are having a hard time meeting their donation targets.  Here’s how the requirements and amounts collected have evolved over time.  And because I can, here’s another link to my Globe article on the first charity marathon (with bonus pictures!).

… and just because, here are this year’s four new Dodger Dogs.  Time for a trip to LA.  Remember, if you run hard enough, it’s all fuel for the fire.

Headin’ for the Hills

March 24, 2012

Traditionally, today is a very busy day on the Boston Marathon course.  With only three weeks to go before the race, hordes of runners are out getting their last long runs in before they start their taper.

I went out to the Newton Hills to talk with some of those runners, and here’s what they had to say:


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